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Larry's Bail Bonding, LLC

About Us

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Larry Bodison is the owner and founder of Larry’s Bail Bonding, LLC. His former military training has help directed his path to establishing one of the premiere bail bonding companies in the Lowcountry Region. Located in Beaufort, SC, our Bail Bonding Company provides services in Beaufort County as well as (but, not limited to) Colleton, Jasper and Hampton Counties.

With over 20 years of experience, we have developed an understanding with law enforcement and judicial officials to streamline the bonding process for our clients. In doing so, this ensures that our clients will have a fair, professional and expeditious bonding process.

We are Professional and Surety Bail Bondsmen.

As Professional Bail Bondsmen, we provide bail for you using our company’s assets; however, we usually require collateral before posting the bond and charge a non-refundable fee for our services. As Professional Bail Bondsmen, we are licensed and regulated by the jurisdiction(s) in which we operate.

As Surety Bondsmen, we work in conjunction with an insurance company that backs our bail bonds. With this added insurance, we are usually authorized to write larger and/or more bonds than we do as professional bondsmen. In addition, this added insurance protection allows us to cover federal and immigration bonds which can only be written by surety bondsmen.

So regardless of what type of bail you are in need of, we got you covered. If the bail is as small as 500 to 1,000 dollars, as professional bail bondsmen we can assist you. If the bail is as large as 50,000 to 100,000 dollars or more, as surety bondsmen we can assist you as well. Having these diverse resources available allows our company to better accommodate your needs. Allowing us once again to embrace our logo: “to put your mind at peace, call Larry’s Bail Bonding for a quick release.”